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Our Service

Supply | Installations | Maintenance | Pool Equipment

We supply a complete turnkey operation end to end for commercial pool projects.

We install new / repaired pumps, filters, dosing equipment & piping to existing plant rooms.

Once the project is complete we maintain the filtration systems and equipment we supply

We supply all equipment for commercial pools such as ladders, lane ropes, starter blocks, chlorination & dosing systems.

Other Services we Offer


  • Sand & Cartridge Filters
  • Pumps & Motors
  • Salt Chlorination
  • Piping repairs & modification
  • Tri-chlor feeders
  • Heating
  • Solar Covers & roll up stations
  • Pool Reticulation & Filtration
  • Swimming pool shells
  • Swimming pool finishing
  • Pool Renovatiions
  • Mobile vacuum systems/pool equipment such as ladders, pool lane ropes etc.